US Army Corps of Engineers

Coastal Inlets Research Program

CIRP-Sponsored Papers, Presentations, and
Short Courses at Technical Conferences

FY 2016

14th Estuarine and Coastal Modeling Conference (ECM14)

Coasts & Ports 2015
Poster Long-term Morphology Modeling of Barrier Island Tidal Inlets

2015 American Shore and Beach Preservation Association (ASBPA)
National Coastal Conference

ASBPA 2015
Short Course Coastal System Resilience Workshop
Presentation Mobile Bay Coastal Systems Resilience Workshop - Findings and Future Strategy
Presentation Calculated and Mapped Depths of Closure Along the U.S. Coastlines Using WIS Hindcast Data
Presentation Evaluating Sediment Mobility for Nearshore Placement
Presentation Inlet Management Study of the John's Pass - Blind Pass Dual-Inlet System, Pinellas County, Florida
Presentation Developing a Sand Management Plan for Galveston Island
  Traditional Beach Template vs Cross-Shore Swash Zone (CSSZ) Placement Methods at Egmont Key, FL

FY 2015

Australasian Coasts & Ports Conference 2015 - Auckland, New Zealand

Coasts & Ports 2015
Presentation Paper Littoral Hydrodynamics and Sediment Transport around a Semi-Permeable Breakwater

25th International Polar and Engineering Conference - Kona, Hawaii

ISOPE 2015
Paper Numerical Modeling of Waves, Currents, and Sediment Transport at Pillar Point Harbor, CA
Paper Wave-Current Conditions and Navigation Safty at an Inlet Entrance

Coastal Sediments 2015

Coastal Sediments 2015
Presentation Paper Foredune Classification and Storm Response: Automated Analysis of Terrestrial Lidar Dems
  Paper Engineering with Nature: Nurture Berm Placements at Fort Myers Beach and Perdido Key, Florida, USA
  Paper Measuring and Modeling Beach-Profile Response to Tropical Storm Debby, West Central Florida
Poster Paper Sediment Management Options for Galveston Island, Texas
Presentation Paper Hydrodynamic Conditions and Sediment Movement at Port of Port Orford
Presentation Paper Numerical Modeling of Mixed Sediment Transport in GIWW and West Galveston Bay, Texas
  Paper Sediment Engineering Thru Dredging and With Nature (SETDWN) - Fate of Fines in the Dredging and Placement Process
  Paper Sediment Budget on the Indiana Shore at Burns Harbor, Lake Michigan
Poster Paper Conceptual Regional Sediment Budget for the US North Atlantic Coast
Presentation Paper Long-term Morphological Modeling at Coastal Inlets
  Paper Comparing Two Numerical Models in Simulating Hydrodynamics and Sediment Transport at a Dual Inlet System, West-Central, Florida

FY 2012

International Conference on Coastal Engineering (ICCE) 2012

ICCE 2012
Presentation Paper Dredging optimization of an inlet system for adjacent shore protection projects using CMS and GENCADE.
Presentation Paper Modeling alternatives for erosion control at Matagorda County, Texas with GENCADE.
Presentation Paper Numerical modeling of coastal inundation and sedimentation by storm surge, tides, and waves at Norfolk, Virginia, USA.
Presentation Paper Littoral transport modeling for Ocean Beach and San Francisco Bight, California.
  Paper A model of beach profile evolution including wave-undertow interaction.
  Paper Influence of inlet / shoal complex on adjacent shorelines via Inlet Sink method.
  Paper Sediment Budget Formulation Via Exhaustive Search Method

FY 2011

Coastal Sediments '11 Specialty Conference

Coastal Sediements 2011
PaperCoastal Evolution Modeling at Multiple Scales in Regional Sediment Management Applications
PaperRe-establishing a Historical Inlet at East Harbor, Cape Cod, Massachusetts
PaperThe Mystery of Historical Channel Shoaling at Houston-Galveston Navigation Channel, TX
Paper Nonuniform Sediment Transport Modeling at Grays Harbor, WA
Paper Evaluation of Breakwaters and Sedimentation at Dana Point Harbor, CA
Paper Ebb-Tidal Delta Development Where Before There Was None, Shark River Inlet, New Jersey
Paper Inlet Stabilization: A Case Study at Mouth of Colorado, Texas
Paper Comparison of a Physical and Numerical Mobile-bed Model of Beach and T-head Groin Interaction
Paper A Depth-Averaged 2-D Simulation for Coastal Barrier Breaching Processes

FY 2007

Coastal Sediments '07 Specialty Conference

Coastal Sediments 2007
Navigation Improvement, Mouth of the Colorado River, Texas
Long-Term Inlet Stability of a Multiple Inlet System, Pass Cavallo, Texas
A Total Load Formula for the Nearshore
Closed Form Solution for Threshold Velocity for Initiation of Sediment Motion Under Waves
Coastal Inlets of Texas
Physical Processes Study of Goldsmith Inlet, New York
Limits of Beach and Dune Erosion in Response to Wave Runup Elucidated From SUPERTANK
Longshore and Sand Transport Calculated by Time-Dependent Shear Stress
Sedimentation Patterns in a Stabilized Migratory Inlet, Blind Pass, FL
A Relic Sand Wave Field in a Tidal Channel
Morphologic Response to a New Inlet, Packery Channel, Corpus Christi, Texas
Hydrodynamic and Morphologic Modeling at Sebastian Inlet, FL
Morphologic Modeling of Multiple Barrier Island Breaches for Regional Application