Other Publications

NOTE: This listing is in reverse chronological order with the most recent additions listed first.
This group of publications comes not from internal sources (Technical Reports, CHETNs, etc), but are initiated by outside sources. All of these documents have used a CIRP tool in some form (CMS, SBAS, etc). Click PDF for link PDF version in a new window.


The following papers were presented at the Coastal Sediments '11 Specialty Conference and utilize one or more CIRP products:
Paper Acoustic Monitoring of Nearshore Hard Bottom: Applications in Morphologic Investigations and Numerical Modeling
Paper Hydrodynamic and Morphologic Analysis of Design Alternatives for Ponce De Leon Inlet, FL
Paper Evaluation of Tidal Inlets Channel Migration and Management Practices in Southwest Florida

REMR Reports (included Oct 2019)

The following are reports from ~1998 which are a series of case histories of US Army Corps of Engineers breakwater and jetty structures at nine Corps divisions:
Report 1 South Pacific Division
Report 2 South Atlantic Division
Report 3 North Central Division
Report 4 Pacific Ocean Division
Report 5 North Atlantic Division
Report 6 North Pacific Division
Report 7 New England Division
Report 8 Lower Mississippi Valley Division
Report 9 Southwestern Division