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CIRP Technology-Transfer Workshop
May 17, 20-21, 2010

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New Orleans District
7400 Leake Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70118

The USACE New Orleans District (MVN) hosted the CIRP's 12th Annual Technology Transfer Workshop (and 34th workshop overall) on May 17th (Beginner's Day) and May 20-21st (Main Hands-On Workshop).  The workshop featured two CIRP products, the Coastal Modeling System (CMS) and the recently released Channel Portfolio Tool (CPT). 

Presentations from engineers at the Jacksonville and New England USACE District offices highlighted applications of the CMS to regional coastal navigation projects.  Nineteen attendees participated in the SMS-CMS Beginner Day on May 17th.  Forty-one participated in the hands-on workshop during May 20-21, with representation from 13 USACE District and Division offices, seven consulting engineering firms, NOAA, Louisiana Office of Coastal Restoration and Protection, and five universities. Special guests were Jim Walker, USACE Headquarters Navigation Business Line Manager, and Jeff Lillycrop, Technical Director for Navigation. Attendees provided feedback and new ideas for the recently-updated CIRP wiki ( 

Thank you to New Orleans District for hosting us, and to all our attendees and speakers!

Our next technology-transfer workshop is scheduled for February 7-9, 2011, in conjunction with the Florida Shore and Beach Preservation Association’s (FSBPA) conference at the Hyatt Regency Jacksonville Riverfront in Jacksonville, Florida (see Watch the CIRP website for details as they become available and to register for this workshop.

Laissez les Bon Temps Roulez !
Julie Rosati and CIRP PIs

Julie D. Rosati, PhD (
ERDC, Coastal & Hydraulics Laboratory

Workshop agendas (with links to presentations) are located below:
Beginner Workshop - 17 May 2010
CMS/CPT Workshop - 20-21 May 2010

Files for the Hands-on portion of the workshops can be accessed below.
Hands-on Material - Humboldt, CA [~22.2 MB]
Hands-on Material - Shark River Inlet, NJ [~1.0 GB]
Utilities and other executables [~ 2.3 MB]

List of Attendees
Name Affiliation Email Address Beginner Workshop Full Workshop
Bill Martin USACE - ERDC CHL Not Registered Registered
Shannon Chader USACE - LRB Not Registered Registered
Michael Mohr USACE - LRB Not Registered Registered
Colleen O'Connell USACE - LRB colleen.m.o' Not Registered Registered
Gregory Mausolf USACE - LRE Not Registered Registered
Patrick O'Brien USACE - MVD Registered Registered
Steven Ayres USACE - MVN Not Registered Registered
Boone Larson USACE - MVN Registered Registered
Irene Watts USACE - NAE Registered Registered
John Winkelman USACE - NAE Not Registered Registered
Frank Buonaiuto USACE - NAN Not Registered Registered
Peter Kuglstatter USACE - NAN Not Registered Registered
Harry Friebel USACE - NAP Not Registered Registered
Scott Brown USACE - NWS Not Registered Registered
Mary Azelton USACE - POA Registered Registered
Kaiser Edmond USACE - SAD Registered Not Registered
Steve Bratos USACE - SAJ Not Registered Registered
Stephanie Groleau USACE - SAJ Registered Registered
Kelly Legault USACE - SAJ Not Registered Registered
Charlene Sylvester USACE - SAM Registered Registered
Lisa Andes USACE - SPN Registered Registered
Anne Sturm USACE - SPN Registered Registered
Sean Kelley Applied Coastal Not Registered Registered
Trey Ruthven Applied Coastal Not Registered Registered
Grant Lamont Ausenco Sandwell Not Registered Registered
James Martin GEC, Inc. Registered Registered
Kristin DeMarco Louisiana OCPR Registered Registered
Robert Hampson Moffatt & Nichol Not Registered Registered
Elisa Chae NOAA Registered Registered
Nicole Walker PBS & J Registered Registered
Barry Kennedy T. Baker Smith Registered Registered
Richard Seymour Scripps Institution Not Registered Registered
Sara Davis URS, Corp. Not Registered Registered
Jose Medina Eu. University of Madrid Registered Registered
Chatchawin Srisuwan Georgia Tech Not Registered Registered
Paul Work Georgia Tech Not Registered Registered
Felix Jose Louisiana State University Not Registered Registered
Glenn Ledet Louisiana State University Registered Registered
Mallory Davis University of New Orleans Not Registered Registered
Alicia Mahon Stevens Center for Maritime Systems Registered Registered
Jennifer Schindler University of New Orleans Registered Registered
Katie Brutsché University of South Florida Registered Registered
    Total 19 41


List of Presenters

Tanya Beck, ERDC


Steve Bratos, SAJ


Mitchell Brown, ERDC


Ashley Frey, ERDC


Nick Kraus, ERDC


Kelly Legault, SAJ


Honghai Li, ERDC


Jeff Lillycrop, ERDC


Lihwa Lin, ERDC


Ned Mitchell, ERDC


Jay Rosati, ERDC


Julie Rosati, ERDC


Alex Sanchez, ERDC


Jim Walker, HQ


Irene Watts, NAE


Group Photo