US Army Corps of Engineers

Coastal Inlets Research Program



CIRP SBAS/CMS Technology-Transfer Workshop
11 June, 2009
New Orleans District
US Army Corps of Engineers

Thank you to all attendees for excellent discussions and feedback during our Sediment Budget Analysis System and Coastal Modeling System workshops. Please feel free to contact any of the instructors with more comments and ideas concerning regional sediment budgets and modeling of coastal and inlet processes.

Your workshop instructors,

Mitch Brown
Lihwa Lin
Julie Rosati

Attendee List
Name Affiliation
Ron Boustany NRCS-FOPSS
Del Britsch USACE-MVN-ED-F
Josh Carson USACE-MVN-Contractor
Ioannis Georgiou UNO-PIES
Syed Khalil OCPR-LACES
Cherie Price USACE-MVN-PM-OR
Levi Shelton USACE-MVN-ED-H
Alison Sleath Grzegorzewski USACE, ERDC, Coastal & Hydraulics Lab.
Cindy Steyer USDA-NRCS
Will Veatch USACE-MVN-ED-H
Caitlan Zlatos USACE-MVN-ED-H

Last Updated June 22, 2009