Corps Shoaling Analysis Tool (CSAT), version 1.0

The CSAT calculates channel shoaling volumes using historical channel surveys and uses the shoaling rates to predict future dredging volumes. Shoaling rate grids can be used to identify hot spots or areas of increased sedimentation. The volume tables that quantify the amount of sediment needing to be dredged at depth and time increments also support decision making that will maximize the use of dredging funds and minimize disruption to vessel traffic through the navigation channels. CSAT is run using a Matlab executable file and requires survey upload through eHydro for the channel. CSAT is being developed jointly by CIRP and the Asset Management (AM) program.

System Requirements for use of website: (**Note - these may require Administrator privileges or installation)

FY18 Technical Report** Corps Shoaling Analysis Tool: Predicting Channel Shoaling
FY17 Technical Note Identification of Alternatives to Reduce Shoaling in the Lower Matagorda Ship Channel, Texas
FY15 Conference Paper Quantitative Approach to Navigation Channels Asset Management
  ** in press

Other Documentation:
- Fact Sheet can be downloaded from here.
- Users Guide is in progress.

Principal Point of Contact:
Lauren Dunkin

Engineer Research and Development Center
3909 Halls Ferry Road
Vicksburg, MS 39180