US Army Corps of Engineers

Coastal Inlets Research Program

Automatic Identification System Analysis Package (AISAP)

The Automatic Identification System Analysis Package (AISAP) is a web-based tool for acquiring, analyzing, and visualizing near-real-time and archival data from the U.S. Coast Guard. Through AISAP, users can search for any/all vessels in an area during a specific time, or limit their search to specific vessels during a given time range. Archived AIS data include time, speed over ground, direction, vessel draft, beam, length, and vessel type information. This tool allows unprecedented access to quantitative, statistically robust measures of navigation project performance through time as reflected in vessel records.
By allowing users to visualize areas as part of a larger navigation network, and navigation as part of a national and international freight system, the AISAP supports informed decision making and optimized prioritzation of freight system maintenance resources. The AISAP can be used to investigate questions of historical travel time, capacity limitation and the effects of weather or accidents on the flow of freight through waterways.

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The AISAP web service is presently being reworked and there is no access at present. Access information will be updated when the new web service has been released. If additional information is needed, please contact one of the points of contact listed below.

Points of Contact
Engineer Research and Development Center
Coastal and Hydraulics Laboratory
Vicksburg, MS 39180