US Army Corps of Engineers

Coastal Inlets Research Program

HH&C CoP Preferred and Other Products

HH&C CoP Preferred CoP
Coastal Modeling System (CMS Flow and Wave) GenCade
FUNWAVE Particle Tracking Model (PTM)
Sediment Budget Analysis System (SBAS) Surface-water Modeling System (SMS)

Other Products
Aeolis Inlet Reservoir Model (IRM)
Automatic Identification System Analysis Package (AISAP) Map Portal
Bottom Boundary Layer Model (BBLM) Marsh Transect Model (MTM)
Bouss2d SandSnap
Coastal Model Test Bed (CMTB) Satellite Shoreline Mapper (SSM)
Coastal Navigation Portfolio Mgmt (CNPM) Sediment Budget Calculator (SBA)
Channel Portfolio Tool (CPT) Sediment Mobility Tool (SMT)
Corps Shoaling Analysis Tool (CSAT) Vessel Wake Portfolio Tool (VWPT)
Coastal Structures Management, Analysis, and Ranking Tool (CSMART) WaveNet Functionality in WIS Portal
Depth of Closure Berms Viewer
Dune Response Tool Inlets Viewer
Archive of Older Tools
List of all HH&C Software (ACEIT machines only)