US Army Corps of Engineers

Coastal Inlets Research Program

WIS Portal Import Tool for CMS-Wave

(formerly part of WaveNet functionality)

The WaveNet meteorologic and oceanographic data repository, extraction, and formatting programs provided a common interface for modelers and analysts query data availability for their specific geographic region, accessed these data from their respective agency sources and output specific to numerical and analytical model data formats.

With the growing complexity and increased security measures needed for public-facing services, this tool has been removed and a new tool has been added to the WIS Data Portal server.

WaveNet functionality for obtaining model data in model format is being integrated into the new WIS Data Portal. The first model to be integrated is CMS-Wave and initially operates only for WIS Stations. The two videos below give guidance on the WIS Portal Tool as well as incorporating the extracted information into SMS 13.2+.

Instructional Videos for new tool:
Tutorial 1 - Using Tool from WISportal to Extract/Download CMS-Wave spectra file(s).
Tutorial 2 - Use Extracted Data to Import into SMS 13.2 for CMS-Wave.

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