US Army Corps of Engineers

Coastal Inlets Research Program

CIRP Technology Transfer Workshop

CMS/GenCade using    
CMS 5.2, Gencade 1.1.8, and SMS 13.1

19 - 23 September 2022

The Coastal Inlets Research Program (CIRP) conducted its 15th tech transfer workshop at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' Mobile District offices, located in Mobile, Alabama.

- All presentations and demo files are available on this page
- Get SMS
   - Version 13.1.24 (USACE) - App-portal
   - Version 13.1.24 (non-USACE) - Aquaveo
- Get latest released CMS version 5.2.x - CIRP Wiki

Day Topics Covered Presentation(s) Data file
Day 1  Intro to SMS 13.1 and CMS v5.2  Briefing Day 1
Working with Bathymetry  Datums and Surveys
Merging Bathy Datasets
Hands-On Document
Day 2  CMS-Flow  CMS Preparation Day 2
Telescoping Grid Generation
CMS-Wave preparation and setup  Hands-On Document
Day 3  Post-processing / Hydro-validation  Hands-On Document Day 3
Sediment transport / Morphology change  Presentation
Day 4  Intro to GenCade  Presentation Day 4
Simple example walkthrough  Hands-On Document
GenCade New Features  Presentation
Day 5 Wrap-up and SMS 13.2 demo  None None