Surface-water Modeling System (SMS)

The Surface Water Modeling System (SMS) is a comprehensive environment for one- and two-dimensional models dealing with surface water applications. Hydrodynamic models include CMS-Flow, TABS (RMA2, RMA4), FESWMS, ADCIRC, and TUFLOW. The hydrodynamic models cover a range of applications including river flow analysis, rural and urban flooding, estuary and inlet modeling, and modeling of large coastal domains. Additional functionalities include advection/diffusion (RMA4) and sediment transport (FESWMS). Wave models in SMS include CMS-Wave, STWAVE, BOUSS2D, and CGWAVE and include both spectral and wave transformation models. The Particle Tracking Model (PTM) tracks particles added to the water column to help evaluate sediment transport and environmental impacts. In addition, the generic model interface allows users to use the powerful mesh building tools with numeric engines that do not have custom interfaces. SMS can import data from a variety of files including text, CAD, and GIS files. SMS contains many visualizations options including contours (filled or linear), flow/velocity vectors, creation of animations, and exporting to Google Earth or GIS.

SMS 13.0 - Mar 2019

SMS 13.0 versions
SMS 13.0.x (64-bit) - Updated 20 March 2019 ~442 MB Release Notes

Note: Previous 12.x issue with grid angle has been resolved in 13.0.3 and later.

SMS 12.3 - Dec 2018 (see Note)

SMS 12.3 versions
SMS 12.3.5 (64-bit) - December 2018 ~402 MB

Note: There is an issue with the angle written to the CMS parameter file (*.cmcards) that will affect some Flow/Wave steering runs. If you have a case where the answer looks quite odd, try changing the angle in the parameter file to 360 minus the angle given.

For example:
 - GRID_ANGLE written is 43.3
 - change GRID_ANGLE to 316.7 (360 - 43.3)

SMS 11.2 - Mar 2016

SMS 11.2 versions
SMS 11.2.16 (32-bit) - March 2016 ~305 MB Release Notes
SMS 11.2.16 (64-bit) - March 2016 ~344 MB

Note: The CMS interface has changed somewhat in SMS 11.2 from 11.1. Mainly these changes are in the Model Control, however there are some other new features in the right click options as well.