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Coastal Inlets Research Program

GenCade - v1.1 r8

GenCade is a newly developed numerical model which combines the engineering power of GENESIS and the regional processes capability of the Cascade model. GenCade calculates shoreline change, wave-induced long-shore sand transport, and morphology change at inlets on a local to regional scale and can be applied as a planning or engineering tool. GenCade is operated within the Surface-water Modeling System interface, bringing functionality of a georeferenced environment together with accessibility to other U.S. Army Corps of Engineers numerical models. GenCade is being developed jointly by CIRP and the Regional Sediment Management (RSM) program.

Fact Sheet GenCade, Version 1.1
User's Guide GenCade User's Guide - CIRP Wiki
FY20 Technical Report Simulations of Shoreline Changes along the Delaware Coast
FY19 CHETN Cross-shore transport feature for GenCade
FY19 CHETN A comparison of GenCade, Pelnard-Considere, and LITPACK
FY17 Technical Report GenCade Lateral Boundary Conditions
FY16 CHETN Applications of Dredging and Beach Fills in GenCade
FY15 CHETN Using GenCade to Create a Sediment Budget in SBAS
FY15 Technical Report GenCade, Version 1 Quick-Start Guide: How to Start a Successful GenCade Project
FY14 Technical Report Recommendations and Requirements for GenCade Simulations
FY13 Technical Report GenCade, Version 1 Model Theory and User's Guide
FY13 CHETN Wave Data Processing and Analysis Tools for Developing Wave Boundary Forcing for CMS-Wave and GenCade Numerical Models: Part 1
FY13 CHETN Wave Data Processing and Analysis, Part 2: Codes for Coupling GenCade and CMS-Wave
FY12 CHETN GenCade Application at Onslow Bay, North Carolina

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